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Of course hot peppers can be made into jelly!!  Same with garlic and horseradish and onion, some of our other favorites.  Our specialty jams are made with our homegrown peppers, garlic, horseradish, and red onion. 

As always, our products are all natural with no preservatives and sweetened with real sugar.  We produce our specialty jams and jellies in small batches to maintain the integrity and taste.

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Hot Pepper Jelly
Jalapeno Jelly
Garlic Jam
Horseradish Jam
Red Onion Jam
Red Onion Jam with Garlic

8 oz Jars

HOT PEPPER JELLY:  All natural homegrown, handpicked chile peppers give this jelly its fire. Always makes a special appetizer with cream cheese and crackers.  Add some red hot sweetness to your toast or PBJ.  Also great on sausage!

$6.00 per jar

JALAPENO JELLY:  Homegrown, handpicked jalapenos give this sweet Southwestern treat its kick.  Serve with soft cheese and crackers or crusty bread.

$6.00 per jar

GARLIC JAM: Garlic Lover's Delight.  Made with our homegrown garlic, this sweet and tangy jam doubles as a sauce. Spread on grilled shrimp, steak, or vegetables for a unique garlic sauce.  Slather on toasted bread for a new, lively version of garlic bread.

$6.00 per jar

HORSERADISH JAM: Horseradish Heaven!! A sweet and sharp Horseradish Jam made with our homegrown horseradish . We dig the roots when they are at their sharpest, giving this jam a bite. Spread on your hot roast beef or ham sandwich for a taste bud treat. Use on steak as spicy horseradish sauce.

$6.00 per jar

RED ONION JAM: Caramelized onion treat!! Made with our homegrown red onion, this jam adorns grilled vegetables and livens up any chicken dish. Adds complexity to sandwiches like grilled cheese and tomato/avocado on flat bread.

$6.00 per jar

RED ONION JAM WITH GARLIC:  Caramelized Onion treat WITH GARLIC!! Our homegrown red onion and garlic is just the right combination of sweet and tangy sharpness for you ham biscuit or roasted meat. A gourmet lover's delight.

$6.00 per jar